Friday, 22 February 2008

Blue pool

Well, I am happy to report that our pool is once again blue! A bit of a murky blue, but blue nevertheless! And no, we did not follow the Hypermarkets advice, I took a sample of the water to a poolshop that I discovered has been in our area for a looong time! The lady their is pretty good and sorted our pool out for us. We are all very happy!

Colin asked me to water the garden this morning as Andrew did SOMETHING to the sprinkler and it doesn't want to work no more (not my little darling!). It was so great being outside between all the green plants and such a perfect place and time to speak to the Lord. I think I must do it more often!

I had a rather frustrating day yesterday. Went to gym again for the first time in 3 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it, until I got home and realised that I am getting old, because as the day went by I felt all kinds of aches in pains in strange places! After that it was of to fetch Richard at shcool and then the 2 of us had to be at the dentist at 16H00. What a stressfull thing! Fortunately my teeth were fine and I can relax for another year! Took Robyn and Andrew on Wednesday, Robyn needed one filling and that was sorted out quickly, but Andrew is another story. He needs two fillings and one extraction, and being the anxious kid that he is, has to have the work done under aneastetic (sorry, can't spell). That is happening on 6 March.

In the meantime Richard has been rather sick for the past 2 weeks. Has gastritis that just won't get better and has to go for a gastroscopy (again, I can't spell) on Tuesday, so please pray for him! And of course being in matric his mommy is forcing him to go to school. He just can not afford to miss any more classes than he absolutely has to! Specially with the "sport" being over for a while and the school is now eventually teaching the kids again!


Stefanie said...

I will pray for him too.

Anonymous said...

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