Monday, 25 February 2008


Colin, Andrew and I (and don't forget about Jamie) went up to Langebaan on Saturday afternoon to spend the evening and next day with our friends at their house. We left home at 15H00 and what a mistake! I ended up sitting in the sun all the way there, even the aircon didn't help to cool me down! Anyway it was all worth it! We had a chicken braai for supper and it was really good - for some reason food just taste better up there. We ended up sleeping in the same room as Andrew, which is actually not a problem as he sleeps like a log. We opened the blinds when we went to bed and the stars were just gorgeous! You do not see them as clearly in Cape Town!

The men and boys went fishing on Sunday morning and us girls went to Friday Island for a late breakfast. For me it is the most beautifull setting in the whole Langebaan! You look out on the most stunning view of the lagoon! We sat there until we actually got to cold (mist started coming in over the sea) to sit any longer. If you ever get to Langebaan do yourself a favour and go their for a meal - it is really worth it! They also hire out rooms. Such a lovely homely atmosphere, but food is top class!

The men only came back from fishing at about 18H00 and we only got home just before 9 last night. We were all very tired, but the fresh fish and mielies for supper was great!


Stefanie said...

I am glad you had a great weekend. Fish and mielies not too sure that would be well received in my house.

Anita said...

Fish and mielies might be a strange combination, but it seemed perfectly normal when we were in Langebaan - guess you had to be there!