Friday, 08 February 2008

Jamie is in love with Michael!

When I read the book about companion parrots before we got Jamie, I read, and heard from various sources, that companion parrots "mates" with one specific human, normally of the opposite sex, which makes sence! I am the mommy so I knew that she wouldn't "mate" with me.

Horror of horros though, she chose Michael!! He can do absolutely anything with her and she just loves being with him. Parrots regurgitate (I know it is gross) and drag their wings for their new mate. Michael was quite impressed in the beginning but he soon realised that she can be a pain when she feels like it. Now he is not impressed anymore and avoids the poor lovesick parrot!

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Stefanie said...

My lover boy (according to Josh) is a feline companion - luckily he is happy just to sleep where ever I am.