Monday, 18 February 2008


Well I can't believe that it is Monday again! Time is just going by so quickly. We had quite a busy weekend, but not one single photo to show for it! My sister came for a visit on Friday night as she was a "Matron of honour" at a wedding on Saturday and wanted me to paint her nails. We had a lovely evening together as Colin and the kids were all out.
Another friend came to visit on Saturday as we went to a scrapbook session together - scrapbooking is my favourite pasttime at the moment, so that was obviously the highlight of the weekend!
Sunday we went to Canal Walk and ate some delicious cinnamon buns - entrance 2 for those of you that would like to go and try them. My parents and in-laws came for supper in the evening so that took up pretty much the rest of the day.
What amazed me this weekend was that their was actually some nice movies on. For those who don't know, nice movies in my eyes are movies without any swearing and violence! We watched "Love comes quietly" on Saturday night and on Sunday night, can't remember the name, but it was on Mnet at 20H00.
Altogether not a bad weekend!


Stefanie said...

OK so I am just so used to nothing good on I didn't even look and missed them both.

KJ-Starre said... don't blog for about a month & then I pop on & see you have blogged up a storm!!!! I have now caught up...took at least an hour to read everything tho'. Good to see you are back in cyberspace again.

I LOVE those cinnamon buns too...haven't had them in a while but they are my absolute favourite treat!


Lesli said...

I agree 100% with you - my kids used to get so mad at me because nothing worse than pg came into the house - now they thank me!