Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Peace and quiet

I had to take the kids to school this morning as Colin had to be in Stellenbosch early and Michael has training on Tuesdays and also has to be at work early. Actually I am just a passenger until we get to school as Richard is still practicing his driving skills big time! Anyway the 5 of us left early (Richard, Roby, Andrew, Scruffy and myself), actually not that early because Andrew's bus was waiting when we got there. Dropped Andrew of and then had to do the 2 km drive to the high school. Traffic was not too bad today and the trip went very quickly! Scruffy and I was home again by 7H45.

I am sitting here blogging and it is so lovely and quiet in the house so early in the morning. All the birds are busy eating, the maid is somewhere down the passage and all is right in the world! I can see a bit of the garden through the window and it is so gorgeous - the leaves moving gently in the breeze!

Anyway, just an update on the pool - I phoned the Hypermarket yesterday and spoke to one of the trainee managers that put me onto the "pool expert". He suggested a product called "Splash" that is supposed to turn green water into blue within 24 hours. Colin got to the poolshop in Bellville to late yesterday so I will go to the one in Brackenfell today to get some. Hopefully I can report good news tomorrow! It is really useless having a pool if you can't swim in it and I am really starting to see why Colin has always been so adamant NOT to get one! I really have the greatest husband though, even though he was unhappy when I got the thing, he has been very good at trying to fix our "green" problem. I think he realised that the kids have great fun in the pool and we have some lovely pics to prove that. Here is one taken on Christmas day. Actually I can't get the photo to come in where I want it. What am I doing wrong?

Anyway, I am off the scrapping a bit later and later it will just be carting kids around again. Have a great day!

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