Monday, 11 February 2008


I have to write about this as I am totally gobsmacked about the fact that our high school kids seem to be spending less time with school work and far to much time with extra mural activities!

My son is in matric this year and so far he has been at home for about 4 days as they are not doing any schoolwork because the kids are practicing for the co-ed. And not for the athletics, but for the singing of all things. It has become such a huge competition between the schools that it seems to take up ALL the time for the first 4 - 5 weeks of the first term. Am I missing something here? When I was at school we practiced for a little while during schooltime and still carried on with our schoolwork for most of the day. If I look at the work the kids have to complete in a year I just cannot understand how the teachers can justify wasting such a lot of time!

My other pet hate is the kids staying at home while they are writing exams and then finishing with their "school term" about a week before the school actually ends. Last December I actually ended up having my eldest at home for 3 weeks before school ended.

Anybody have any ideas as I can definitely not understand how they get that right?


Five-Browns said...

Oh wow, thats seems wrong. I too, remember school WORK and extra mural a definite second. Yikes, hope this isnt what I have coming.....

Stefanie said...

Seems really crazy, another question I'd like answered: why practise and do athletic activities now when galas should be swum and galas in October when it would be cooler and better (in my mind at least) to run around like loonies. Weird Hey?