Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Scruffy and Co

I took Scruffy to a "new" parlour yesterday as I couldn't get an answer from our regular parlour and being my usual patient self I didn't feel like waiting! Shame, poor thing came back looking like a little rat! The other parlour never cut the hair on his legs this short so it hid his scrawnyness a lot! Think I must go back to the old one.

Jessie, Scruffies long suffering wife!

I will show you the rest of the animal family another day.
Had a good day today. Had breakfast with my mom at Tygervalley and then went looking at make-up. Always fun doing the girlie thing!


KJ-Starre said...

Hi Anita...I love your newsie posts. Cute pooches...Scruffy looks.....not very scruffy now. Poor guy, he must feel quite naked without his fur.

Girlie stuff is fun...although I can't remember the last time i actually did it. Did you buy anything?
Bye for now!

Stefanie said...

Lovely post and pic of "smoothy" can't call him Scruffy until his hair grows back.

Five-Browns said...

LOL - scruffy needs a new name - for now!

I love girlie outings with my mom. We used to do it often but with my entourage its now often hard to fit it in. Moms rock.

Anonymous said...

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