Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Brenda's Girls

(You can click on the image to make it bigger).
Well, here it is. I had to take a photo as my scanner works perfectly well, but I can't stitch them together with the program I have. That is also why there is a nice flash on the one photo, but anyway.

I don't have a very eventful day planned today. Going to drop my daughter of at her boy "friend's" house, then of to my mothers house to find some documents that they need while they are away, want to go to The Deckle Edge to buy posts for my album and then back home. I also have to take Richard back to the doctor for a checkup as he says his stomach is still bothering him at times and then I must also see the doctor for new perscriptions. Very boring! Hopefully I can sort out some photos this afternoon for printing for my next layouts. At least that will be a bit more interesting!

A quick update on Jessie is that she is walking much easier now that the medication has kicked in properly, she also looks a bit thinner around the waist!

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