Wednesday, 02 April 2008

I'm bored!

I guess I have to be bored to sit on the blog for the second time today! Colin and Robyn are playing Scrabble, Andrew is down the passage somewhere and the big boys are out - not to forget that there is cricket on TV! Not even anything to watch! I went to the chiropractor this afternoon as my neck is very painful. She really is great, I am already feeling a bit better and must go again on Friday before my romantic weekend away! For your viewing pleasure I have included a photo of the house we are going to stay in this weekend.
I had an e-mail from a friend today complaining that I haven't blogged since last week. At least I know she reads it!! LOL
Andrew just brought me a headless Kendoll with one of Barbie's outfits on. Very interesting! Anyway I lied and my neck is still very sore, think I must take a painkiller and go to bed!
Bye for now!

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Stefanie said...

Lovely photo. Hope the pain in your neck is fixed before the weekend. I also hope that part of your boredom is missing me... or at least the scrapping mornings. Sadly I have to fetch A from the airport Tuesday so you'll be cold turkey a little longer.