Wednesday, 02 April 2008

School holidays

I enjoy school holidays because I can stay in bed later and I don't have to worry about snacks for school, etc, but I hate school holidays as the kids drive me crazy!!!!!! Took them to see another movie yesterday, The Spiderwick Chronicles - VERY weird, about faries and goblins and stuff. It was relaxing though as you can basically sit back and forget about the world out there for a while.

Had my usual Wednesday morning breakfast with my mom and spent some time at Tygervalley and the beadshop. They have such amazing beads that I actually feel like doing some again! My hubbie is home for 3 days to work on the house. The pool is now scrubbed and ready to pack away until next summer, sounds odd I know, but the plan is to buy a "proper" pool pump during this coming winter and then to set the pool up properly next year as the current pool pump is not very effective and the water stayed murky. Soooo we have a huge piece of ground back again where the pool stood before. He has now gone to buy the "stuff" to do the barge boards.

Had to take Jessie the staffie to the vet on Monday. She was limping badly and the vet wanted to take some x-rays. She has osteo-arthritis in her left front elbow and has to go onto tablets for 3 weeks. She also has to start eating a special diet formulated for joint disease. She also has to loose weight and go back to the vet in 3 weeks time. Poor thing, she loves to eat and is suffering terribly! She is already walking better though, so here's hoping! Colin had the audacity to ask the vet if he could feed me the same food as I also have osteo-arthritis - cheeky creature!

Any ideas of what we can take with this coming weekend for our wedding anniversary celebration? I decided that it is pointless buying a new negligee, but there must be lots of other suggestions.


Stefanie said...

Uhmm...champagne and chocolate body paint. Unless he is a biltong and dreo wors kind of guy.
At least he didn't want to give you Jessie's medicine to help you lose weight.

Five-Browns said...

Choc body paint was my suggestion too, but I didnt know you well enough to have the guts to leave that as a comment! By now i am brave cos I see Stefs comment.....! And why give up on the neg-gliggggeee?