Thursday, 17 April 2008


Jamie looked so cute yesterday that I just had to take a photo! She chewed right through the top rung of her ladder and was sitting with one foot on each side, her back against the back of the cage, chewing on her toys. She is such a character! There is little bits of leather lying all over her cage now.

I heard today that my job application was not successful, so I will keep on trying.

Sleep well.


Stefanie said...

She does look cute!
Sorry about that, better luck with the one that is perfect for you.

Akinol said...

See Please Here

Kim Watson { KJ-Starre} said...

Hello there....are you missing our friend?? I wonder what she is up to right now?? I am sorry your application wasn't successful....the Lord is on your case...just wait & see...the right one will pop up @ just the right time :o)

fivebrowns said...

good to catch up on all your news! sorry I been so scarce. love the LO of the girls! And how cool that your sis is coming over to the scrapping side of life!

Stefanie said...

Time for another post, I have been away and no news to catch up on.
Missing you and we will have to do tea when we back.