Friday, 28 November 2008

Gorgeous boys!

My eldest son turned 22 yesterday. He had to go to a clients year end function last night - it was a murder mystery dinner and he had to get dressed up as a french dude - the dude does have a name, but I cant remember it! He had a great time and I think it was a perfect way to celebrate his birthday. When Colin is back from Germany we will take him out for a family dinner. Isn't he just too cute though?
Andrew having breakfast at 06H20 this morning. He has 6 slices of toast with youngberry jam every morning. For now that is, he will get tired of that at some point and then change to something else for the next few months!

Jamie sitting on her little "PSP" on my dressing table. This has become a routine for her when I get finished in the morning - you know the usual, getting dressed, putting on make-up and making up the bed. She shrieks if I dare leave her in the lounge when I get finished in the mornings! She obviously doesn't sit still for very long, but climbs up the curtains and all over the place!
I had a lovely morning yesterday. We went to the South to do some shopping at the wholesalers and ended up having coffee with a friend at a little place called High Tea. What a stunning little place! The coffee was delicious and the cake was beautifull and delicious! We will definitely go there again - thanks ladies!
Today the scrapbooking ladies are having a year end breakfast - also promises to be a good morning and I am looking forward to it. This afternoon I will be at home and this evening Andrew and I will be going to visit a friend. Tomorrow is also a busy day - just the way I like it when Colin is away! I am scrapping with a friend tomorrow afternoon and in the evening a group of us are going to the "Liggieboom" at Andrew's school. It is always very good and ends with a huge fireworks display! And then on Sunday the dear hubby will be home!
2 sleeps to go! Hope you have a great day!


Lynette said...

Give my love to Michael, the kids grow up way to fast. You sound asif you have got a very busy weekend ahead...enjoy it. Oh...I posted a blog...


Stefanie said...

Ooh la la.
I still can't believe that Andrew eats 6 slices of toast. Where does he put it all?
Yesterday was really great, pity we had to return ro "real life" hey?
This morning was awesome too, great choice in brekkie and coffee. Bang goes my afternoon siesta though. I might even have to scrap!

Lynette said...

Haai sus...gaan kyk op my blog...daar is twee "awards" vir jou.