Thursday, 23 April 2009

Baby news

I did take photos of Ethan last night, but do not feel strong enough today to show you. He is absolutely gorgeous and when he looked at me with his big eyes I knew that I would love him forever. Allisen was very friendly and even got Michael to change Ethan's nappy - everything seemed fine. When we left I still whispered in Michaels ear that he must fight for his son. We went onto the internet the other night and discovered that all the amendments to the law is all there, but they haven't gone through parlement yet, and therefore means nothing! On the way home I prayed and asked the Lord to soften Allisen's heart and that she would allow us to see Ethan and I felt very happy after seeing him. Michael phoned me a bit later, very upset, saying that she chased him out of the house like a dog and that she said that we would never see Ethan again, that he was just a sperm donor and that he must just pay maintenance. Her parents can't do anything as she doesn't listen to them at all. I felt sorry for him, but still maintain that their is consequences when we sin, and this unfortunately is his consequence. Unfortunately we as grandparents are now reaping what he sowed when he sinned. I started crying on Monday already, because I just felt that this was what would happen. While watering the garden yesterday morning I just started weeping again - maybe the Lord was preparing me. All I can say is that my heart is broken. All I can ask is that we pray for the Lord to soften her heart and that she will come to her senses. Maybe by some miracle somebody out there will have a solution. What saddens me even more is that he will grow up without knowing who his father is, being told how bad his daddy is, and he won't know just how much he is loved.


Lynette said...

My darling sister...I feel for you. All I can say is hang in there and trust in the Lord...He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Remain faithful to Him and DO NOT give up hope.

Hugs and a kiss

Stefanie said...

Shame Anita, we can only continue praying for her heart to be changed. Sadly we are all given choices in life and the choices we make can influence our loved ones.


Herlien said...

Ek is sprakeloos. Jammer sus. Ons kan net hoop dat sy haar houding sal verander.

Baie lief vir jou.