Friday, 24 April 2009

I am 45 today!

Yes, I am 45. I must admit, between the stiff neck and sore hip I sometimes feel much older! Colin brought me a cup of coffee and my present to bed this morning. Fortunately he didn't take any photos as I looked particularly sad this morning, bags under the eyes and messed up hair, sure you know what I mean! He bought me a new watch as I battle to see my other "silver" ones face. Sad getting old! Anyway, he sorted the kids out and got them of to school. Afterwards he came back so that we could have some alone time and made certain that the bed was made up and the dishes were done! Sweet man!
I complained to Colin that Robyn didn't wish me happy birthday, so he told me that she is cross as I didn't phone her on her birthday (I was in Kidds Beach). Nevermind the fact that I was busy directing furniture and boxes all day! Anyway I bought her this cupcake to apologise:
Needless to say, I was forgiven! Stefanie and I went and had a lovely breakfast at a shopping centre. We went there as they serve delicious eggs benedict. Stef did take some photos, I will post them when I get them. After breakfast we went shopping. It was a really great morning! My family, Simone, Herlien and Mark will be eating here tonight - I said I would cook. Simone is making a decadent chocolate pudding - I will take photos:

Here is a photo of granny with her little grandson. He is now 5 weeks old and too gorgeous! Seems to be getting darker by the day, but we love him so much that it doesn't matter! (Note to self: start wearing make-up, you really look dreary!!)
The little boy from closer up.
Ethan had a dirty nappy while we were there and Allisen made Michael change the nappy! He managed very well and Ethan's little "bottom parts" were thoroughly covered in fissan paste!
Stef, this is the photo I wanted to put in a frame. Only saw the face when I downloaded the photos - it will just not do!! I think I will use my favourite photo - the one where you can see his little hands.
Michael went and spoke to Simone's mom last night. She was a para-legal and knows quite a bit about the whole custody thing. She suggested that he approaches the maintenance court and then take it from there. We are NOT giving up!!! Please continue praying that the whole process goes speedily as it can sometimes take very long! In the meantime I decided to approach Allisen's mom to see if we can't go and see him again. We will just not let Michael go there on his own again - she is far too abusive!
Later folks, I have to go and cook for the masses!


Lynette said...

Baie geluk met jou verjaardag sussie! Ek hoop jy word baie bederf!. Jou kleinseun is pragtig.

Stefanie said...

Only noticed now... just because I can - lovely title.
Sorry I took so long to send you the pics...I didn't post , thought you should have the honours.

2 sad faced boys - was that before the nappy change?

Glad you enjoyed the day and looking forward to Elvis later.