Wednesday, 15 April 2009


As I am busy waiting for my friend to bring her baby for me to babysit, I decided to do a quick post. I was reflecting on support from family while I was hanging up the washing earlier and I realised that you only know who your true supporters are in times of difficulty. Should you support a family member because you want to keep the relationship going and you love them, or should you point out when you think they are wrong?

It took me back to the time when we believed that a certain baby was our grandchild. I appreciate the fact that some members of the family chose to support us, even though I don't really know what they believed. Other members of the family chose to point out that we were wrong, and I am sure they got a real cheap thrill when we were proven wrong! Personally I have a lot more respect for the people that chose to support us than for the people that didn't. I believe that especially family should support each other no matter what. What they thought when they were not with us is irrelevant. Relationships are very important to me.

I think that this is the only reason why I still think of the baby from time to time, I find it difficult to accept the fact that family can be so unsupportive.


Stefanie said...

From your diplomatic friend...
You support your family member or friend because maintaining the relationship is important and you only point out if you think they're wrong when they ask for your opinion and even then you do so in love.
In this instance I think you're 100% right...don't know of my family would agree though, extended and dysfunctional as they are.

Herlien said...

You have always been a rock that I could hang onto in bad times and have always stood in my corner, even if you didn't agree with what I was doing. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful sister.
Maybe you also think about Colleen, because you loved her for the time she shared our lives. It's just who you are.

Baie, baie lief vir jou my sus.

Helen Tilbury said...

People generally are very narrow minded. I don't know the full story but have clicked back on your posts & got a rough idea. Sorry that this has happened. Surely no-one would forbid you from being involved? Don't worry about what anyone else has to say - it is up to you.

Lynette said...

I know how you feel, and have come to realise a long time ago, that although I expect loyalty from will not always be forthcoming. So over the years my expectations have reduced drastically, that way you protect yourself from pain and the disappointment is not quite as big.

If I can be there for you over all these kilometres...I would.

Love you sis!

Herlien said...

I'm afraid I haven't quite learnt that lesson yet. I still have high expectations and still manage to get hurt.