Sunday, 12 April 2009

Holidays etc.

I returned from Kidds Beach on 1 April, and we left to go to Goudini on the 5th. It was an absolute mad rush to get everything done in time, with the result that blogging was the last thing on my mind! I squeesed in a pedicure, had my nails done and then also had to go have my hair tinted, cut, etc. Inbetween all that I bought a canvas for our bedroom and visited Stef a few times to get all the goodies together as I wanted to take the canvas with me to do while we were away. I actually enjoy having a project to do! Here I am busy painting my canvas outside the tent.
It was actually our 24th wedding anniversary while we were away, and Colin and I celebrated by having breakfast at the restaurant at Goudini (without the kids). We went through to Worcester later in the morning to buy some stuff that we forgot at home, and also to get a bottle of bubbly for supper, as well as pudding. We ended of having a feast for supper. Robyn took some photos of us, but they didn't come out very well. Not because she took bad photos, just because I look a bit yukky on the photos. No make-up, etc. Another think we did when I got home on the first was to buy a "friend" for Chilly. I decided that the poor thing was never going to get enough attention from his "mother" and therefor a friend was a good idea. Colin agreed and we bought this little cutey! It is supposed to be a girl, so here's hoping! Her name is Ginger and she is quite cute. Chilly is already a lot happier. We specially bought a baby as I thought that an adult bird might bully Chilly. They make a very cute "couple" and caused quite a few laughs while we were away.
Andrew asked us to take a drive to go and look at the new 5 star accommodation at Goudini. It is called Slanghoek Villas and they are absolutely stunning! This is the view from no. 1.
Andrew entered in the putt-putt competition and this was his team - The Fabulous Four! They didn't win anything, but good fun was had by all. Andrew made friends with the 2 little boys - a real "rainbow" friendship!
Our home away from home! Robyn's tent is on the right and that obviously makes the tent on the left Andrews. We were a bit concerned about how he would cope with sleeping alone in a tent, but he was so exhausted at night that he passed out! There was no issue with the sleeping arrangements after the first night. I really enjoy camping - it is such a lovely way of relaxing. It also amazed us how nice it was to only camp with the 2 kids. The place stayed much tidier and we made so much less food!
We came back from Goudini on Thursday and went and visited Ethan in the evening. He is now 3 weeks old and has really grown. He weighed 2,9kg at birth and now weighs 4,2kg. Not bad! He was not a happy boy when we saw him, he just wanted to cry, so I handed him over to his mommy!
Grandpa holding Ethan.
Ta-da!!! The completed canvas. I am very happy with the way it came out. I copied a layout out of the Creative Memories magazine of August 2008.
The photo was taken last year on our anniversary. We balanced the camera on Jamie's cage and set the timer. Colin took the photo from an angle, as there was quite a glare on the photo if he took it from the front. What do you think? It is 50cm by 50cm and looks very nice against our freshly painted brown bedroom wall. Will take a photo of the completed bedroom makeover and show you soon!
So far we have had a very quiet easter weekend. We went to church on Friday morning and again this morning and the rest of the weekend we basically chilled. It is lovely having a quiet weekend as we are going on the Church Family camp next weekend. After that we will be at home until December - everything in one month! We had the in-laws around for tea this afternoon and we are planning on taking the kids to a movie tomorrow.


Stefanie said...

Lovely post.
Can't believe how big Ethan has got.
Your canvas looks fantastic - you must be very chuffed.
We will have to book a tea date to have a chat and kuier. Weds?

Helen Tilbury said...

I love your canvas! It is amazing...I always want to do them but never get around to it... have been meaning to "find" you for some time...I have seen your comments round & about ;-)

Lynette said...

I agree your canvas is beautiful! You must teach me to do one! Please:)

Do I see a little of Michael in Ethan?

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Lovely parrot, no entierely grey, it face yellow, i was fun of parrot when i am staing in congo, during my young times. Greeting from Belgium.
Have a nice day