Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Poor Jessie!

Colin took Jessie to the vet last Friday, as she wasn't walking on her one back leg. The poor thing had a torn tendon and the vet operated yesterday. She came home last night and by this morning the bandage was almost completely of. Colin took her back to the vet. Apparently it is because of the shape of the leg. There is nothing to keep the bandage on. We must try and get her to keep it on for another 2 days, and then it can come of. She has 2 big cuts on her leg as the vet had to take a piece of the sheeth of the tendon out to use on the torn tendon - something like that! She is very sore and has been lying in her basket all day. The painkillers doesn't seem to be working that well.
We went to Wortelgat on a Church camp this past weekend. It is a beautifull place! We had a speaker that spoke to us about the end times and she was excellent!
We went for an early walk after breakfast and I took a photo of the view. Gorgeous isn't it.
After the 2nd session we had the afternoon of, and Colin and I went for a walk. We started down on the "beach" and this is him in child mode climbing on the rocks.
Me in my Captain Morgan advert pose:
After that we decided to leave our campsite to go and look at some of the others at Wortelgat. They have a few different "camps" that can be used by churches or schools. We walked down the road and looked at some of the new houses that are being built and eventually decided to go on the Koppie trail. It was quite steep, but well worth the effort once we got to the top. This is part of the view that we saw:
This cross was also on top of the koppie:
We had a great time. It was good getting to know more of the people from our church and the teaching was also very good. We won't mention the food - there was far too much of that!
I really hope that this will become an annual event! Until Jesus comes again that is .......


Lynette said...

Poor Jess.

Your camp looks like it was super!

Stefanie said...

Shame she looks very "eina"!
Great pics of the camp.

Anonymous said...

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