Monday, 17 March 2008


I have just come back from the vet and I am very happy to report that Elvis, the budgie, has been discharged by the vet! His beek is fine and all we must do now is keep an eye on him to make certain that he stays fine.

We had a very busy weekend. Took a friend of mine to the airport on Friday night, so decided to make it an "outing" by going early and having supper at The Spur so that Andrew can watch the planes take of and land. It actually turned into a very pleasant evening! Imagine that.

Had a party on Saturday morning that went very well, filled envelopes for my sister in the afternoon and then went of to Tygervalley for some easter egg shopping and tea and cake. Spent the evening watching boring movies.

We got up very late on Sunday morning, went to Stodels to buy a pot for my plant as my daughter "sat" on the other one, had something to drink at the restaurant and then had to wait at the church for an hour until my daughter got back from a church camp which she enjoyed very much. We then spent quite a bit of time sorting out my scrapping room - it actually looks much better, must just finish shorten the curtains. She was completely exhausted and spent most of the rest of the day growling at us. My parents and in-laws came around for dinner and we had a lovely meal together.

Very boring I know, but what else is there?


Stefanie said...

Uuuhm! Photos to show off all your hard work.

Stefanie said...

Elvis is back in the building it seems and they all think he's dead!

Joanne Rasmussen said...

Good to hear that Elvis is fine. Nothing wrong with having a quiet weekend x

Kim Watson { KJ-Starre} said...

Quiet I read your posts & need to take a rest! LOL! I love your canvas....well worth the wait.

Welcome home Elvis!