Wednesday, 12 March 2008

State of mind?

I am sitting in my scrapping room and looking around me realise that it has become a bit of a "junk yard". The maid uses it for ironing, the pool stuff (in a big black box) is in one corner, Michael dumped his huge speakers in another spot, my canvas is standing propped up against the cupboard and my table is a major mess, not forgetting about all the "stuff" lying on my desk. If my surroundings is anywhere an indication of my mental state then, who knows, I must be one great mess!!

I think I must paint my canvas today sometime so that I can get it up on the wall. It is a 170cm by 40cm canvas that I want to paint a soft pink and then stick "A Scrap Above" (letters I decorated ages ago) onto. I think it will look stunning, must just get around to doing it. Hopefully I will surprise all of you out there, and myself, by posting a photo tomorrow!

I think I must start cleaning up .......


KJ-Starre said...

Hahaha! Pool stuff & speakers...thats some state of mind.

Paint the canvas will you...& post it too. We need to see it!!!


Five-Browns said...

dont forget we need a "before" and and "after"pic to FULLY appreciate the state of change in the room. Enjoy the process - I love decluttering and then creating!

Stefanie said...

Yes before and after sounds too good an opportunity to miss.