Wednesday, 26 March 2008

My day

Had a pretty good day today! I had breakfast with my mom while Robyn and a friend went shopping at Tygervalley. I spent some time with Robyn yesterday shopping and what a performanh.ce! She looks at everything before she decides to buy and her taste is just as expensive as mine! Much easier giving her the money and letting her shop with a friend. My mom and I had a lovely morning. We also walked around and did some window shopping and ended it all with tea at Dulce. Afterwards we met the girls and came home. Oh yes, picked up Robyn's boy "friend" from church and he spent the afternoon with us. It is amazing how mature the Grade 8 girls are and how boyish the boys are! Anyway, he seems okay.

I went of this afternoon to have more photos developed for scrapping tomorrow and then took a photo of a nightie in the window at Temptations to "tempt" Colin with as we are going off to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary next weekend. Showed it to him and he rather likes it! Maybe I will still go and buy it before we go. The two of us also went to gym as Discovery will cancell our membership if we go less than twice per month. Swiped in, sat down and had a smoothie, and then left again! Best workout I had in years!


KJ-Starre said...

Hahahaha! my type of workout!

Like the fact that after negligee's are still par for the course :o)

Wow! 23yrs that is really are setting a great example for all those who knbow & watch your life. Well done!

Stefanie said...

Where's the pic of the nightie? I need soemthing for our cruise too. I love that you took my smoothie advice also. Which one did you have? I love the mango bang (the name is cool too!) and I thought you were "doing" brekkie? Did you do lunch as well?

Joanne Rasmussen said...

Lol - 23 years well done.

Five-Browns said...

That is so wrong! Tee hee!