Monday, 03 March 2008

I love pink!

My sweet husband bought me this cute little portable radio today! I wanted one to take with when I have scrapbooking parties and as A Scrap Above is pink, this radio is just perfect! Isn't Colin just too cute?
Kim I thought of you this evening when Colin and I were driving to Cape Gate to have photos developed. The clouds were just looking absolutely beautifull and the sun was just starting to set with it peaking through the clouds and I wished that I had my camera with me! God has created earth so absolutely beautifully and I have to stand in awe of it. I told Colin that he is going to have to build a ladder onto the wall of our house so that I can climb up to the roof to take photos of the sunsets! He obviously thinks I am crazy, but they are so lovely sometimes. I also noted that the sun is definitely not setting behind Table Mountain anymore - winter is coming!

Colin was sick today, so I spent some time with him. He is feeling much better this evening, and will go back to work tomorrow - just as well as I have a lot of scrapping to do! My friend from England's daughter is in Cape Town at the moment and I want to make a little mini album to take back to her mom - sort of an overview of 2007.


Stefanie said...

I want one too! My scrap room is also pink and Glynne likes listening to music.

KJ-Starre said...

Cute radio! What is it about electronics in pink that makes them so Mel's camera?

Thanks for thinking of me...I have been photographing clouds & sunsets for you must know how cute it was when at 2 Maxi piped up....Look Mama the sky is on fire!

Glad Colin is a bit better...nothing worse than feeling rotten.
Happy scrappin'

Five-Browns said...

Ok. Clearly I have to get me one of these! There is something about pink that just makes me happy!!