Friday, 21 March 2008

Overview of the week

Andrew doing homework on the computer.
My frontpage for my 2008 scrapbook - using Techno pop from Autumn Leaves.

Elvis (green) with his girlfriend Roxy. Stunning little bird!

Andrew eating cornflakes for lunch!
I took these photos earlier this week, but never got around to blogging them. So now you are getting them all at the same time! It has been rather a busy week for him, but it ended on an absolute high after the service at church this morning. Richard preached about how we must celebrate the crusifixion as it is something to celebrate as a christian, Jesus dying on the cross so that we can have everlasting life with Him! He really preaches very well and it was the best Good Friday service I have ever listened to. The whole congregation was very excited by the time he was finished and I can't wait for Sunday.
We are having family over for a bring and share a bit later this afternoon. Tomorrow should be reasonably quiet as I am not sure what our plans are yet. On Sunday after church we are driving up to Langebaan, sleeping over and coming back on Monday. It is going to be very nice!
This will be the last time I blog until Tuesday. Have a very blessed Easter!


Stefanie said...

We missed church~ overslept. Will set the alarm for Sunday though. Lovely post. Hope you have a stunning weekend.

Anonymous said...

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