Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Job Hunting

I was always under the impression that staying with one company for a long period of time is a good thing, showed dedication, loyalty, etc. Seems I was wrong, as now after working for the same company for 10 years I find myself lacking the skills that is needed to get a job nowadays. After being a Personal Assistant for 6 years I don't know how to take minutes and I also don't know how to use Excel very well. Both seem to be very important to the Personal Assistant seekers out there! Soooo, I am either going to have to go on a course to improve my skills, or I am going to have to teach myself. Fortunately I have a husband that is very good at Excel and he can teach me. Anyway, enough of the moaning, just so that you know that having "experience" is not always enough. And loyalty means nothing.


Stefanie said...

Thanks, all I have is 15 experience of taxi driving, hair plaiting, nursing, cooking, cleaning. Not fit for much am I?

Anita said...

Well, I have 21 years experience of all that, but I am talking about the world out there and anyway I think you do the mothering bit a lot better than I do!

Five-Browns said...

Yup, now you hop from job to job- chasing the paycheck! Hells bells; taking minutes is childs play and you will pick up Excel in an afternoon! Good luck1