Thursday, 13 November 2008


Yes, I have been suffering from internetlessness again this past few days! Wireless internet is definitely not what it promised to be! It has been very good being home again, except that I was rather sick on Sunday night and Monday. When I got up on Tuesday I realised how dirty my kids left the house, and was obviously not very impressed as I do not like cleaning house very much. Went scrapping on Tuesday to try and finish the project that I am busy with at the moment. I am making a scrapbook as a gift for a friend. Still have 2 pages to go so I am happy with what I did on Tuesday. I had to take Andrew to the ENT specialist in the afternoon for a checkup and to "vacuum" his ear. The dr was very happy as Andrew's ear is looking very good and has retained it's ability to clean itself! So no vacuuming was necessary! We only need to go back again if he has a problem.

On Wednesday I took my mom to the airport to go and collect her tickets for her trip to Jhb for my brothers 50th birthday and we ended up having breakfast there. Imagine - breakfast at the airport without anybody flying anywhere! Afterwards we dawdled around in town and I spent the afternoon cleaning up my house a bit.

It has been very cold and wet in Cape Town, so after everybody left this morning I went back to bed for a while to escape the cold and only got up again at 8H30. Don't have too many plans for today except to clean up and do some planning for the weekend. Oh yes and Andrew has decided that he wants muffins to take to school so I will have to make some later.

We are going to Colin's year end function tomorrow night, so that is something to look forward to. Will post a photo on Saturday ......

Boring I know, but this is my life!


Lynette said... idea of cleaning house is sweeping the room with a! It is raining very hard here in PE as well so I know how you feel...not up to work anyway!

Stefanie said...

At least the sun is shining today. Got my washing dry. Will see you tomoro with the cake forks and milk powder.