Wednesday, 26 November 2008

2 down, 2 to go!

Yes, the boy finished his last exam yesterday and is now officially finished with school. He threatened to burn his school books last night, but I don't think he got that far! He will get his results at the end of December. He started working as a waiter today, so out into the cruel world he goes! Lol
And specially for Lynette - Layout of Christmas 1999. Please note that my albums are all in my bedroom so this photo was taken on my bed.
My mom and I went for our normal Wednesday breakfast today and I requested that we go to N1 city so that I could have some photos developed. I suppose I should have gotten the hint when I filled up my flash drive plus more photos on the other one, 180 jumbo's later (including 2 ups and 4 ups) we left the photo shop. I have enough photos for about 12 layouts, plus one for Scruffies album and quite a few for my memory album. I will scrap till it comes out my ears!
We had a very good morning. I am really going to miss my mom when they move away next year, but I think we won't think of that now and make the most of the Wednesdays we have left!
4 sleeps to go!


Lynette said...

Richard must be so happy that his schooldays are over. What is he planning for next year? I love the layout of our Christmas 1999..thanks for showing you have inspired to get back to scrapping.


Stefanie said...

Are you sure it's in your bedroom? I can't see the pink walls, Ok ok I crack myslef up!
Congrats on getting the 2nd through school and into gainful employment all in one day.
Will need to borrow your notes on this in 3 years. LOL.