Monday, 24 November 2008

Scrapping Friday

My sister and I had a lovely Friday scrapping and chatting. We only did layouts chosen out of magazines and it was a lot of fun!
A glorious mess! Who can scrap neatly anyway?
My sister did 4 single layouts - this was her favourite for the day.

I did one single layout and 2 doubles. Here is 2 examples.

This layout was done with a variety of photos my sister in Australia sent me in 1999. I was rather happy with the result.
As I said in my previous post Colin left on Saturday. So far everything is going well except that Andrew refused to go to school this morning. I gave him a choice of going to school or being grounded from the computer for the whole weekend - he chose not to go to school. Silly child!
We had a lovely day yesterday. Spent some time at home in the morning and then went to my mom for lunch and then of to Stodels. I bought 2 punnets of flowers for the garden and Andrew chose a punnet with mixed herbs. My mom added a chocolate mint to his collection out of her garden and she gave me 3 evening primrose plants. Will take photos when my flowers are in full bloom and show you!
2 down and 6 sleeps to go!


Lynette said...

Ek sou enigiets gee om saam met julle te kon scrap!!! Klink of dit hope pret was.

Stefanie said...

Creative mess, my specialty!
See you tomorrow.