Friday, 14 November 2008


I was tagged by Lynette on 12 November to tell 7 weird things about myself - lets think a bit .....

1) I don't mind having parrot poop on my shoulder.

2) I hate it very much when people "leave" a message on my cellphone and when I check their is nothing.

3) I hang my washing up in a specific way and get very upset when somebody else hangs it up and it is not the same as the way I do it! (Simply ridiculous I know)

4) I have my own little routine at night before I go to bed and heaven helps Colin if he comes and interrupts me! That is MY time. (I call him when I am finished)

5) I can't stand it when people paint their finger and toenails and the colours don't match. It can only be different if one of the two is a french manicure.

6) When my hubby and I go away for a weekend the parrot always goes with!

7) The children find it very strange that I don't hear them when they come in late at night but I wake up instantly if somebody comes into the bedroom.

Sjoe, that wasn't too bad.


Lynette said...

And the parrot is on your list twice! We all have our little quirks!

Stefanie said...

I am so gonna psyche you out with the nail poilsh thing...just wait and see.
PS hope your evening out is fabulous, sans parrot poop.