Tuesday, 25 November 2008

News from Germany

I got an e-mail from Colin today, complete with photos! I tried to copy and paste, but alas it didn't work! Nice photos of things covered in snow. All is well and he is enjoying the work that he has to do. Does sightseeing at night - freezing!

I went scrapping today - yes, my usual Tuesday morning! I scrapped Christmas 1999, imagine that, really old photos! It is terrible to see how everybody has aged in the past 9 years. It took me the whole 3 hours to finish the layout as I never learn and always have to cut tiny things out!

Other than that it has been a quiet day. Andrew went of to school without any problems and that in itself is enough to make the day good!

3 sleeps down - 5 to go!

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Lynette said...

I must still scrap the Christmas 1999 photos as well. Show me how yours looks...