Monday, 17 November 2008

My weekend in photos

It was Colin's year end function on Friday night so we got all dressed up for a lovely evening out. It was a very pleasant evening and we had a lot of fun!
Checking my e-mail after we got home.

Michael just loved the way Scruffy was sitting and just had to take a photo! And of course the Jamie the parrot just happened to be there too!

I hosted a stork party for my friend on Saturday. She was totally surprised and that was great too! This was after we dressed her up. Cute isn't she? Such a lovely big baby!

Her friend came all the way from KZN to be here for her stork party - another huge surprise!For her first forfeit wshe had to drink out of a baby bottle and was totally grossed out about the taste of the formula. We also fed her some purity - the vegetable kind, and that was also extremely disgusting! Did I really feed that stuff to my kids?

Anyway, Jamie helped me water the garden this morning and is now cuddling on my shoulder, but I guess I must now start doing something about my house!

Have a blessed day!


Lynette said...

Ohh you looked great on your night out...and the baby bash looks like fun. For the first time in all our years I can actually get to know what you are up is so thrilling.

Stefanie said...

Carol's photos look too dark, if you bring them to me we can "tweak" them in photoshop a little.