Friday, 21 November 2008

Just another Friday

I am feeling very sad today. Colin is leaving for Germany tomorrow and I already miss him! He will be away for a week to long. I really function a lot better when he is around and I know that he is coming home in the evening.

We went for our normal "date" last night and decided to skip the coffee and go to Milky Lane for icecream. As we walked into Milky Lane I spotted people that we used to go to the Methodist church with 12 years ago. They also decided that they wanted ice cream instead of coffee - how is that for "coincidence"! We joined them and had a lovely evening catching up and yes, had coffee in the end! It is amazing how a person can click with somebody again after so many years.

I am planning to have a very quiet day today and want to do some scrapping. My sister will also be coming around later so it will be nice. See if I can scraplift some of my friends LO's!


Stefanie said...

Eish Mama!
I trust it won't be as bad as you think. A will be away next week to and the following for the weekend so you will be in good company. Scrapping and scraplifting better and better can't wait to see what you do.

Lynette said...

Thinking of you sis...I know I don't function well without Kobus...and we work together all day.