Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sweet thing!

I bought this "nest" for Jamie last year in winter, because they can sleep in it and then obviously be warmer in winter. Anyway, I had to put sunflower seeds into the bag to get her to actually go into it and she never slept in it. It now hangs on the side of her cage and she loves crawling into it. It looks very fun as you sometimes see this little head appearing, or at other times you can see her tail! She has totally destroyed the bottom of the bag, but it is so cute to see her in action that I actually don't mind!

I am going for my normal Wednesday breakfast with my mom and afterwards I want to go to Stodels to go and buy some petunias to give the garden some colour. And then of course look to see what they have on sale! So far most of the plants in the garden is stuff we bought on sale and the garden is coming on nicely.

Later .....


Lynette said...

Kom aan sus...wys ons 'n foto van Andrew se "nesting box". O ja, wat die foto van ons susters betref..ek e-mail dit vir jou...ek wil die een by jou he van ons met die lang rokke voor die Walmer huis. Pretty please :)

Stefanie said...

That's Jamie alright.
Cute as a button - I still won't go too near her unless I have food for her - but that's 'cause I'm just overly cautious.