Thursday, 08 January 2009

Back to normal (almost)

Well, the man started working again today so things are slowly getting back to normal in our home. The kids are still on holiday, but that is nice because I still get to sleep a bit longer in the morning. Colin was home for a month, but I was still not ready for him to go back to work, I really enjoy having him around.
Chilly broke his leg when we were away in Langebaan. Michael took him down the road to our local vet, but the poor man has absolutely no experience with birds, but he tried anyway. We took Chilly to our avian vet on Monday and he fixed Chilly up. He needed a pin in his leg and this is what he looks like at the moment. He has to go back next week so that the vet can check the leg and put a new bandage on, after that it is another 4 weeks before the pin is removed and he can move around freely. Poor little thing has always been very active, so this is really hard for him! Does anybody out there know how they remove a pin?
This is my friends timney grey Casper lying on his back playing with a toy. This is the first time ever I have come across a bird that so trusts its owner that it could actually lie still like this! But then, Casper is a very strange bird.

The turtle dove that I fed for a few days. We popped in at the pet shop in Langebaan and they said that they actually feed wild birds and then set them free when they are ready. Needless to say the bird was dropped of there that same day! It was actually quite cute and got so used to me feeding it that he lifted his wings whenever it saw me.

We had a braai and games evening on the 31st. It must have been the best old years eve we had in a very long time! We all stormed out of the house at midnight to watch the fireworks and eventually went to bed after 2. We started of the new year with a champagne breakfast at my sisters house and then went to Langebaan for 2 nights. All in all not a bad start to the new year.
With the hubby back at work I will now have more time to blog. See you soon!

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Lynette said...

Foeitog arme cockatiel...hoop jy oorleef dit.