Monday, 19 January 2009

Boring Monday!

It has been a very quiet day today. I only got up at 9H00 this morning and then took a while drinking my coffee and waking up. Decaf coffee, I can't handle normal coffee very well! I then went outside and watered the part of the garden that Colin didn't get to last night. It is such a peaceful time of the day (a bit later than usual) and I really enjoy looking at the plants and watching them grow. I just get extremely frustrated because some of the plants droop so quickly and are very "demanding" on time. My "shady" garden is also a battle as the silly thing gets more sun than I anticipated!

The hubby now has both offers on the table and has to decide on which job he wants. I think he is really struggling with this one.

The rest of the day consisted of washing, cleaning up and vegging on the couch. Don't feel to great today.

We are going to my mom for supper tonight and I made a pudding (new recipe) that doesn't taste as good as what it does in the book! I am sure the kids will eat it though!

Tomorrow is the last day of the holiday and the kids and I are going to go to the movies with my mom and thereafter going somewhere for milkshakes. I rather fancy going to Stodels as it is always nice to spend some time outside. Anyway, I can't wait for Wednesday!

Enjoy your evening!

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Lynette said...

No wonder you can't wake up...decaf coffee will not do it for me either. It is great to hear about your love for gardening. Enjoy the last day of the school holidays with your kids.