Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Yeh! School has started

The kids, my mom and I went out a bit yesterday. We first went to draw money and then ended up having smoothies (the lovely unhealthy kind with icecream) at the Wimpy. At the particular shopping centre they have a chess set with little water fountains all over it. Andrew was fascinated and got VERY wet. Fortunately the pants dried very quickly otherwise he would have sat at the movies with wet pants on! We watched the movie about the brave little mouse. Know the name just can't remember how to spell it! It was actually quite a nice movie and we enjoyed it very much. My mom dozed of every so often, but she also enjoyed the bits she saw!

You do know by now that I am actually very lazy to do certain things. One of them is sewing. I did sewing at school and I think that put me of for life. Anyway while we were at my moms house after the movie Robyn mentioned that she wanted to shorten her school dress but that I refused. Anyway my mom sort of convinced me that it could be a bit shorter than on her knee, but I made her do it when we got home. I helped her and showed her how to pin the hem and then how to sew it, and she did a great job! I did shorten Andrews pants though. The one actually, the other one is still waiting to be done. Richard asked me how he can shorten his pants this morning, and yes you guessed it! I pinned it and then showed him how to sew it in himself. I am a firm believer that kids must be able to do everything when they are adults. Colin learnt in the army and he is pretty good at sewing as well.

On the work side Colin decided to stay where he is. I am very pleased and believe that he made the right choice. He is getting a nice promotion with all the perks that go with that. Will tell you more once everything is official. His parents and my mom were all very impressed!

The 2 kids went of to school quite nicely today. Forgot to take a photo but will do that tomorrow morning and show you. It will be the first year that Andrew went to school by bus on the first day and I think he deserves a big reward for that, but we don't want to make too much of a fuss over it. And another year starts .....

Other than that I am supposed to clean house today and will probably get stuck in soon, as I want to go out tomorrow morning and then we start scrapping again on Friday. I guess I have to get my priorities straight. House has to look reasonably decent for the weekend.


Stefanie said...

Uh... why?? That's like washing the car before a roadtrip??

Lynette said...

Mom dozing off sounds is sad to see them get old. I had to smile at you teaching the kids to do their own sewing...we can probably call it "life skills".