Monday, 12 January 2009

Just another Monday

I had very good intentions of getting up at the same time as Colin this morning, but alas, didn't work and I only woke up after 8! Then it was watering the garden, doing washing and all those other horrible things that just has to be done on a Monday. I really didn't feel like cleaning house as such, so I roped the kids into helping. My sisters son is really good at cleaning - I think I must adopt him! Mine are not that great, but beggars can't be choosers.

Anyway, I want to go and do a few things this afternoon - all by myself - and decided that we will all have omeletes for supper. Kids love it and it is nice and simple. I haven't done any scrapping since the last Tuesday of last term and can't wait to get started again. I want to go and browse in the Scrapping shop down the road for some new goodies. This particular shop offers an incentive that when you buy 6 times for more than R150 at a time, you can choose any layout for free. I am on my last block so can't wait to choose a layout! Also want to see if they have anything new. After that I am going to pop in at a friend to look at a new catalogue for jewellery. And that will be my afternoon.

Richard has to go for another gastroscopy tomorrow - please pray for him. I really hope that the doctors will now find out what is causing his stomach complaint as I am really fed up with it already. It has been a year you know!

Anyway, places to go, people to see .....


Lynette said...

Will be praying for Richard...he is to young to have this sort of problems. I am sure you enjoyed the shopping.

Stefanie said...

From a place you've been and a person you've seen... will remember Richard tomorrow. I think those doctors need extra wisdom.