Monday, 26 January 2009

Gardening and stuff ....

I can't believe that I havent blogged since last Wednesday! Time is really flying. The kids settled back to school very nicely. Andrew actually went to school by bus on the first day - a first for him! Robyn just complained that there are now so many Afrikaans Grade 9's that they had to split up the one english class and add it to the others to make space for another afrikaans class. There is now 40 kids in her class. Sounds like discrimination to me! Fortunately she is a very bright kid and will cope. The biggest problem is that the classes weren't designed to hold so many bodies which makes it very uncomfortable for all.

My life is now supposedly returned to normal, but I reckon it depends on your definition of normal. Hopefully with the hubbies promotion and higher salary we will be able to get a maid in at least twice a week, because I hate cleaning house! As you know Richard went for another gastroscopy 2 weeks ago which showed bile reflux. The medication that the doctor put him on, which I told him wouldn't work - the dr that is, is not working at all. I went onto the internet early this morning and googled bile reflux. It was rather interesting and I discovered a medication that is supposed to make the bile flow faster, but it is very expensive and has quite a lot of negative side effects. On the same site they also mentioned to homeopathic remedies. I googled the herbs and basically they are used for stress and colon cleansing and it also helps the bile flow faster. I will phone the health shop a bit later and speak to them. With all this going on the house is obviously still waiting to be done. I have however watered the garden already and put a load of washing on.

My mom decided to fill in the one flower bed in front of her house as she is going to rent it out and is concerned that the tennants won't check that the water doesn't go against the wall. Anyway, we popped around there yesterday afternoon and Colin and Michael took all the plants out. They are now transplanted into our garden and looks pretty good. I just hope that everything will survive. I think Colin is now getting the point that a flowerbed must be FULL of plants, not just a few scattered around. I actually couldn't believe that my mom had that many plants in such a small flowerbed!

With all the planting going on I didn't really feel like doing to much for supper. I asked Richard to cook some rice and then made us rice pudding for supper. I guess if jelly and custard can be a balanced meal, so can rice pudding! It is made according to my moms recipe and looked just like hers! Wat dink jy suster?
I have to share this little story with you! But don't tell Andrew as he will be very upset. Colin gave him a haircut on the Sunday before school started and it looked quite nice. On Monday evening Andrew came out of the bathroom and showed Colin his head. He carried on about how he didn't know how it happened, but see for yourself:
The silly boy got hold of Robyn's razer and "trimmed" his hair a bit. He was then a bit worried about what the kids at school would say. Anyway, he did it to himself and he had to take responsibility for it. He told the kids that he got bubblegum stuck in his hair. They are now calling him bubblegum head, which is probably better than telling them what really happened! I did remind him that it was a lie though.
The rest of the weekend was quite uneventfull, us girls just went to a tea party on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the birth of my friends gorgeous little girl!
Later ....


Lynette said...

Ja...dit lyk nes Ma se ryspoeding. My kinders het nooit die smaak daarvoor gekry ek maak dit nooit. Oh, I had to laugh about Andrew...Bianca did that the year before going to school...but at least she used it was not so closely shaven....these gotta love them.

Stefanie said...

I trust that you put sunscreen on that "bald spot" didn't think he'd have Colin's solar panel quite so young. It was good for a chuckle though.