Sunday, 18 January 2009

Last week

I have been "trying" to post for quite a few days now, and eventually got some time tonight. It has been rather a busy week! I haven't done any scrapping since last year and my friend invited me to play at her house on Thursday. I did 2 double layouts and 1 single page.
My daughter had her first informal lesson in October and this is the layout I did. The horse belongs to my sister and you must see the obsolute joy on her face when she is with her horse! Absolutely incredible! I took a photo of the single page, but it didn't come out very nice.

We took Chilly to the vet on Wednesday and he is happy with the progress. The only problem is that he started chewing on his toes and they were not looking very good. The vet prescribed some ointment that we have to rub in every day. I phoned the vet again yesterday as the one toe looked like a stump and the other toe also didn't look too hot. The vet suggested that we put a plaster over the toes after rubbing the ointment in. The poor thing also became more and more frustrated and eventually didn't want anybody to touch him. I decided to put him into a "portable" bowl on Friday so that we could cart him around all over the house. He is now doing a lot better and has become a lot more mobile. It actually looks quite funny watching him jump around on one leg and climbing up to the top of his cage. He has also started sitting on his old perch again at night when he sleeps. Just 2 more weeks to go!
We went to our local shopping centre today to hand in some entry forms for a competition. The draw takes place on Saturday at 12H00. I am really hoping to win as I desperately need another car! But anyway, we will see what happens.
Colin has to make a life changing decision tomorrow before 12H00. He has been offered a new job and his current bosses will be making him a counter offer tomorrow. Please pray that he makes the right decision.
Oh yes, I also had a haircut this week. I couldn't stand the long hair anymore!
Anyway, between job offers, school holidays and life, I had a very busy week and tonight I will just veg in front of the TV. Have a lovely week!


Stefanie said...

This is the first time I get to comment before Lynette.
Shame... chilly looks so sad.
Hope he gets better very quickly and we will pray for Colin for wisdom.

Lynette said...

I was wondering what was happening in your have been awfully quiet lately. Will be praying for Colin about the job. Love you sis.