Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Silver and pink

Robyn had to go to the orthodontist today and this time she chose silver and pink elastics. She still has 16 months to go! We left Andrew at home while we went as he didn't want to come with us. When we got home he showed us the "muffins" that he had prepared. I switched the oven on and then asked him if he put baking powder in. He didn't so proceeded to put a bit on each muffin and stirring it in. This is what they looked like at the end. The white bits is the baking powder.
He only told me afterwards that he didn't use a recipe. They weren't too disgusting. I told him that if he ever decides to bake again while we are out I will have to force him to go with everytime as I can't trust him to be at home alone.
I spent the morning with my mother and we had quite a pleasant time walking around and looking at stuff. We then went and met my sister for lunch. She works in Rondebosch in the most beautifull old house that has a view of Table Mountain. We went to a coffee shop that is part of a church next door to where she works. The food and service was excellent and we enjoyed it a lot. We decided that we would have to do lunch again before my mother leaves for Kidds Beach.
Colin and I went to a meeting at Andrews school this evening where they introduced a new computer program that can be used by voice recognition. Even people without arms can use it as it responds to your voice. I think it is going to help a lot with the children that battle with reading and writing. The teachers are quite excited about trying the program in the school.
Anyway, let me go and spend some time with the hubby. He has inflamation in his colon and is feeling very sorry for himself.

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Lynette said...

So Andrew decided to surprise you with muffins...I think it is so cute.