Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Interview Me

Lynette had a challenge on her blog to people to allow her to interview them. I agreed and here are my questions:

1. Tell us how you came to follow Christ and tell us a little about your walk with the Lord.

A long time ago I read or heard a story of a man that said that God hounded him until he became a Christian. That is basically how I felt growing up. I always felt God "hounding" me to become His. In Standard 6 the Gideons came to our school and spoke to us, they also gave each person a little Bible. I think that is when I first committed myself to Him. I can't find the Bible, but the date I wrote in the back was August 1977. I committed myself but didn't know what I was supposed to do then. We were all going to the NG Church in Port Elizabeth at the time. We moved to Cape Town the following year and the "hounding" continued. I met a girl at the new school that was a Christian. I admired her a lot and she explained to me what I had to do to become a Christian. I did that, but still felt that something was missing. I finished High School, got married and had Michael. I told Colin that we had to go to Church as Michael had to be baptised and should grow up going to Church. We had him baptised, but never really went back again. We moved to Johannesburg in 1987 and in due course Richard was born. I was again drawn to joining a Church. We did actually join that time, Richard was baptised and we continued going to that Church untill we moved back to Cape Town at the end of 1993. During that time we were also involved in a Bible Study Group. I asked the leader to pray for me one night to become a Christian, but life went on as per normal. Robyn was born in 1994 and we started attending the Methodist Church in Brackenfell and I joined a Ladies Group. The Church offered a "Life in the Spirit" course and I persuaded Colin to go with me. Our lives dramatically changed when we met the Holy Spirit. I then understood that I needed to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit to really be a Christian. I was baptised that same year and things went very well. The leader of the Ladies Group also taught me a lot and helped me with a lot of the issues I had at that time. We went to Church every Sunday and actually could worship the Lord. My first hiccup happened when I found out I was pregnant with Andrew. I was very depressed during my pregnancy and it took me years to find my way back to the Lord. Even today I am struggling a bit as there seems to be a lot of stumble blocks between the Lord and I. I do however still know that He loves me and that He will always be close to me.

2. What is your favourite season and WHY?

I have to say winter as it is lovely and cold. I feel more alive in winter and I have a lot more energy than at other times of the year.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 20 years?

Andrew will be 22 in 10 years time, so I think Colin and I will have a lot more time to spend together. I would like to believe that we will start travelling at that time. In 20 years time I will be 64 and hopefully retired in Langebaan!

4. Tell us your favourite memory raising your children and one from your own childhood.

I think that the time after Robyn was born is my favourite memory. I was so happy to have a little girl that I was extremely happy for about 2 years. She was just so cute and we spent a lot of time together. I think the times we spent in Jeffreys Bay with my cousins must be my favourite childhood memory. We were free to do our own thing there and my Aunt allowed us to have sandwiches with peanut butter and syrup on. (You can see I always loved to eat)

5. First kiss stories can be fun .... tell us yours. Then tell us how you met the love of your life.

My parents and us moved to Cape Town in 1978. There was a boy living down the road from us that I rather liked. We used to run wild and often went and played at the "river" (just a little stream actually) and the one day when we were playing we happened to be on our own and he kissed me. Not one of us knew what we were doing, but it was quite a thrill! The love of my life, well .... My sister came and visited us in Cape Town with her baby when her husband went up to the border. My parents didn't like the guy I was going out with at the time. A little girl from down the road used to come and play at our house and then her brother used to come and fetch her again in the late afternoon. My sister dared me to go and invite him for coffee. I walked down the road with my dog in tow, knocked on the door and invited him for coffee. He actually said yes and the rest is history!!

Anyway that is my answers - enjoy learning a bit more about me!


Lynette said...

So nice to get to "really" know you. Ain't I a great matchmaker!!! I think I deserve a reward.


Stefanie said...

Good job on the questions and answers.